LeisureWorld Etobicoke


The Leisureworld–Etobicoke site is a 160-bed long-term care home participating in the Residents First quality improvement initiative. The home identified reducing emergency department admissions as an area of focus for its quality improvement work.


To reduce the number of preventable and treatable emergency department admissions due to UTIs and falls in high-risk residents by 50% from April to October 2011, by designing new procedures and improving existing processes at Leisureworld–Etobicoke


  • Reduced stress, and transfer out of home
  • Improved resident and staff interaction, by increasing social activity.
  • Creating a culture of quality improvement, leading to the spread to other areas of focus (medication error)
  • Increased the quality improvement capacity of the home so that it was able to spread the improvements to other areas within the home.
  • Statistically significant decrease in the number of falls.
  • Reduction in ED admissions.
  • Preliminary data indicate potential costs avoidance due to reduction in ED admissions for UTIs and falls, based on type and event history from same period one year previously.


To view the full report, click here:

Leisureworld – Reducing Emergency Department Admissions


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